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Hotels in Dapoli
Hotels in Dapoli


Dapoli is a land that holds many a surprise in store for the tourist. From pristine unexplored beaches and sea forts to ancient temples, Dapoli never ceases to amaze.

Ladghar famously called Tamas Teertha thanks to the multitude of shades of red the sea at Ladghar adorns itself with at twilight is a small stretch of beach which extends onto Burundi beach to its south and a hillock with the 'Datta Mandir' at its northern end. Water sports and parasailing on the beach is available at the Ladghar beach and is very popular amongst the guests at Sadachandra beach resort. Dolphin watch sea ride especially in the early morning is also very popular here. Spotting a dolphin although a matter of chance is however almost certain during a sea ride here in Ladghar.

What to See while in Ladghar

  • Parshuram Bhoomi

    Parshuram Bhoomi..

    Located right by the main road from Sadachandra beach resort to Dabhol just ahead of Burundi, the statue of Parshuram is now a major attraction of this region. Mounted on top of a globe the statue of the sage is approximately 21 feet. Erected on 16 November 2010 the statue was made by Mr. Dyaneshwar Shvaji Gajul.

    A weekend get away by the beach
  • Karde beach

    Adjoining Beaches

    Across the rocky stretches at the northern end the beach at Ladghar extends on to Karde and Murud. One can even ride a two wheeler across the stretches during low tides. (locals do!) Now a road is being constructed making the travel time between Ladghar and Karde & Murud less than ten minutes!

    A weekend get away by the beach
  • Crocodile Safari - Maldoli

    Boating in Dabhol Creek..

    If you are on a longer trip to Ladghar and if wildlife spotting or photography interests you you shoul take a boat ride in the Vashishti river where if you are lucky you would be able to spot huge crocodiles especially on the river sand dunes near the Maldoli area. You would be able to hire the boats from Dabhol etty.

    A weekend get away by the beach